At Limerick Financial Group, LLC. we are a “Financial Planning and Investment Management Company”. Our primary goal – to lay out a clear objective path and process with goals through proper planning which includes protecting our clients and their investments from the erosion of market losses, inflation, taxes, and whatever uncertainty life throws at them.

The majority of our clients are pre-retiree’s or already retired. They know the value of a dollar and how hard it is to accumulate funds. They're looking for Financial Plans that manage expectations. They want consistent growth and managed risk. That is the objective of everything we do at Limerick Financial Group. Our investment approach relies on proprietary technical analysis and risk management tools, developed by Limerick Financial Group founder Charles E. Falco Jr., that assist us in determining where to invest to our clients' best advantage.

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Limerick Financial Group – offering financial planning and investment management of individual, retirement plans, 401k plans, trust accounts, education accounts and variable annuities.

"Stay on the side of caution. We have government juggling a lot of balls in the air, and you can only juggle so long before you drop them. No one knows where they are going to land." 

- Charles E. Falco, Jr.