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The 1990's were the best of times and the worst of times for investors. It was hard to make a bad investment. Everything was going north and everyone was making money no matter what they did. But in the process, too many investment advisors, too many money managers and too many investors failed to put a proper financial plan and good risk management program in place. The 1990's lulled investors into really believing it was different this time.

The damage of the next ten years didn't have to happen. At Limerick Financial Group, we are dedicated to make certain it doesn't happen to our clients. Our goal is not only make sure that our clients keep their quality of life in the good times, but also in the bad times. Proper planning and risk management is essential to a sound financial plan, but its importance cannot be overstated when you are retired. 

At Limerick Investment Group, we offer five core investment and four specialty equity strategies that work.

Dynamic Asset Allocation Models

LFG Conservative - This model uses an 80/20 split bond to equity allocation.  The primary objective of this model is capital preservation with dividend income potential.

LFG Conservative Growth - This model is a 70/30 split bond to equity allocation.  The primary objective of this model is capital preservation with a growth potential.

LFG Moderate - This model is a 55/45 split bond to equity allocation.  The primary objective of this model is stable capital appreciation.

LFG Moderate Growth - This model is a 35/65 split bond to equity allocation.  The primary objective is capital appreciation.

LFG Growth - This model is a 20/80 split bond to equity allocation.  The primary goal is capital growth appreciation.

Specialty Models for all Equity Exposure

LFG Bull/Bear Timing MF- This model works the Nasdaq 100 Index both long & short, looking to take advantage of market cycles.  This model utilizes leveraged mutual funds with a two beta.  The strategy is invested only when we believe an identifiable trend is underway. When market conditions are too volatile and our indicators do not provide definitive buy or sell signals, it will maintain a market neutral position. 

LFG Equity Appreciation Model – This strategy utilizes a core and satellite equity portfolio, holding only equity mutual funds and exchange traded funds both growth and value, domestic and abroad. Where appropriate investment vehicles exist, we may be long or short. Here again, our allocations are not static but opportunistic. We seek to be invested in asset classes that have the greatest perceived opportunities for appreciation based on our technical indicators. There may be times when we don't see opportunities for appreciation. That's when risk management comes into play and portfolios are moved to the sidelines to wait for the next opportunity.  This model uses mutual funds/ETFs non-leveraged.

LFG US Market Index Model This strategy invests in the five major U.S. market index’s using ETFs in equal shares to hedge risk.  It is a hybrid of buy and hold, but rebalances either quarterly, semi-annual or annual depending on conditions.

LFG Sector Rotation – This approach rotates through various sectors of economy at different stages of the market cycle to capitalize on the tendency for different industry sectors to excel under different market and economic conditions.  This model uses mutual funds and ETFs non-leveraged and may make changes every 30 days.

Following our philosophy that good financial decisions don't have to be confusing, we work with clients to develop an allocation of their portfolio within these twelve investment approaches. This allows clients tremendous flexibility in shaping a portfolio that best suits their financial position, risk tolerance and personality.

All client portfolios are held in the client's name at a national, independent custodian with online access and liquidity. At no time does Limerick Financial Group have access to client funds. Our authority is limited to the discretionary ability to direct how your funds are invested within your portfolio.

Limerick Financial Group's services are compensated through an annual management fee, billed quarterly in advance, based on the value of the client's account. This fee-based approach insures that our incentive is aligned with that of our clients – to protect and manage the client's portfolio according to the designed "Financial Plan" in place.