Our Qualifications

Limerick Financial Group is first and foremost the vision, integrity and knowledge of its founder, Charles E. Falco, Jr. 

Charles Falco began his professional career in the insurance industry, assisting individuals with life, health, accident, property and casualty coverage. This focus on recognizing risk, and the reality that there are factors beyond our personal control, made his transition into the investment industry in the mid -1980s a very different experience than that of many investment professionals. 

"I found myself working in an industry where there was little consideration for proper planning let alone the risk of a long-term bear markets. Even when the market fell in 1987, the recovery was so quick that many investment professionals disregarded the drop as a fluke. I began at an early point to put risk control tools in place and look at ways to protect client assets." 

In 2006, after nearly two decades of working with regional and national brokerage firms, Charles launched Limerick Financial Group as an independent registered investment advisory firm. One of the most important reasons for the new firm was to be able to eliminate the restrictions the brokerage firms were placing on the ability of the individual financial adviser to protect clients from down markets and the freedom as a fiduciary to do everything in the best interest of the client.

"This business gives me a chance to help people in the best way I feel I can – to help them preserve their retirement savings and live out their dreams; through proper planning. I make it a point know every single one of my clients. I know what they can live with and what they can't live with. I can't help them with health problems or family issues, but I can try to help them maintain their quality of life."

Charles E. Falco, Jr. Professional Credentials

  • Master of Science in Financial Services – Institute of Business and Finance
  • Bachelor 's Degree in Business Administration/Marketing – Temple University
  • Associate's Degree in General Studies Accounting – Montgomery County Community College
  • NASD Series 6 – 1984
  • NASAA Series 63 – 1984
  • NASAA Series 65 – 2006
  • Board Certified in Annuities (BCA) 2004
  • Board Certified Estate Planner (BCE) 2003
  • Board Certified in Mutual Funds (BCM) 1998
  • Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) 1998
  • Life, Health, Accident Property & Casualty (PA) 1984

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